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REECO screwdriving robot RE-2300
  • REECO robots are ready - made solutions. Each robot is a fully automated, independent unit that can be implemented into an existing or newly built production line
  • REECO industrial robots do not require any advanced design, planning or integration processes and their operation requires no expertise or experience. Each REECO robot is a separate process that can be easily automated
  • Automatic workpiece positioning (mechanical or vision system)
  • Screw feeder with control of screw readiness for feeding
  • Vacuum screw hold system in the screwdriver
  • Tightening torque control
  • Inline transport of and assembled workpiece
  • Modular design of the unit
  • Possibility to work in an automatic line with other devices

  • Vision system for workpiece positioning
  • Vision system to control the presence of screws after the process
  • Screwdriver with two torque converters
  • Control of tightening by the set angle
  • Several screwdriving profiles
  • Statistical data available via OPC UA protocol
  • Possibility of introducing product traceability
  • Possibility to control the screwdriving profile depending on the workpiece
  • Possibility to record the tightening profile of each screw

Technical data
  • Torque: 0.05-5 Nm
  • Free Speed: 600-1000 min-1
  • Controller: external
  • Dimensions: 1337x1010x1972 mm
Arms specification
  • Range: R600
  • Arm length:
    Arm 1: 350 mm
    Arm 2: 250 mm
    Z axis: 150 mm
  • Available rotation angle:
    Arm 1: ±140°
    Arm 2: ±144°
    R axis: ±360°
  • Servo power:
    Arm 1: 200W
    Arm 2: 150W
    Z axis: 50W
    R axis: 150W
  • Gearbox type:
    Arm 1: Strain wave gearbox
    Arm 2: Strain wave gearbox
    Z axis: Ball screw
    R axis: Strain wave gearbox
  • Repeatability (with a constant ambient temperature):
    Arm 1: ±0,01 mm
    Arm 2: ±0,01 mm
    Z axis: ±0,01 mm
    R axis: ±0,004°
  • Max. speed:
    Arm 1: 4,9 m/s
    Arm 2: 4,9 m/s
    Z axis: 1,1 m/s
    R axis: 1020°/s
  • Max. load: 5 kg
  • Weight: 22 kg